Become A Tea Sommelier

First, smell the tea. You can start by sniffing the tea when the box is freshly opened, and then by smelling the brewed tea to compare the two aromas. Besides the obvious tea smell, what does each aroma remind you of? A plant or flower you've smelled? Wood? Earth? Leave your mind wide open.

Next, taste the tea. To get the fullest flavor, our master tea blender recommends you slurp it, taking the liquid into your mouth so that it spreads evenly over the entire surface of your tongue, this will help the tea reach all of your taste buds at once. Don't be afraid to make a loud noise.

If it's possible, it's best to taste several different teas side by side, so the comparisons you make are as fresh in your mind and taste buds as possible. Make sure to prepare all the tea samples the same way, so they are consistent with each other. Take your time, and enjoy the process. The more you taste, the better you can get identifying the different teas and their characteristics.

Open your favorite Barrington Tea box and enjoy!